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Informatics and computing machines

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Code number and name of the training course


230100.68 – Informatics and computing machines


Graduate qualification: Master


Form and term of study: day-time – 2 years


Entrance exams

Entrance exam in the profile of study


List of profiles


- Intelligent systems with the profiles  in scientific and pedagogical, scientific research or engineering and operational activity.


This training course presupposes studying the basics of creating intelligent systems, optimization techniques, current problems in IT and computer engineering, the history and methodology of IT and computer engineering, computer technologies in science and education, simulation of inferences, fuzzy sets, queue systems and Markov’s processes, factor and cluster analyses, computation systems, software design technologies, enterprise informatization, Internet technologies, intellegent system design, modern CASE-tools of design, application of cluster computation systems, intelligent data analysis, logic programming, hardware support tools for intelligent systems, image recognition, data bases and bases of knowledge on SQL-Server and Oracle, artificial neuron networks, the theory and methods of DNA-system simulation, organizing and making research.

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