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Machinery construction

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Code number and name of the training course


150700.62 – Machinery construction


Graduate qualification:Bachelor


Form and term of study:day-time – 4 years


Entrance exams








List of profiles(approximate)


- Welding engineering equipment and technology


- Machinery and technology for high-performance material processing


Welding is a process of making a strong inseparable joint of materials through atom-molecular combinations of elementary particles in the substances to be joined. Welding can be used for joining metals and alloys, non-metal materials (polymers) and living tissues. Electric arc welding is the well-known and the most commonly used method of joining materials in industry and construction, but at present laser, cathode beam  and plasma welding are being intensively developed and introduced into production processes. Therefore modern welding involves profound scientific research into physical, chemical and thermo-dynamic processes, new welding methods and innovative technologies.

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