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Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programme

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MBA is a qualification of “general manager” capable of performing the professional activity in integrated corporative management systems, of leading the enterprise or its structural subdivision independently, ranging from chief of department to the President of the Firm.  Modules of the programme are logically interrelated between each other and orientated to supply the students with a combined solution for their company’s  problems.


The “Master of Business Administration” programme in the Vyatka State University is intended for the owners of enterprizes, top and middle managers, for businessmen who make effective management decisions for well-being of their companies every day.

There are different spacializations within the MBA programme:


  • functional (general management, finance, personnel management, project management),


  • branch (management in social sphere, management in construction engineering, management in intensive scientific research branches, real estate management, etc.).


Studentship requirements:Higher Education Diploma (in any specialization), at least 2 year practical experience.


Forms of study:evening, modular, remote.


Terms of study:2 years while continuing the main normal work.


Content of training:Being balanced and orientated to real business, the MBA programme is developed according to the confirmed “State Requirements to Training Highly Qualified Managers by the “MBA” Programme”.



Contacts:Administration of academic and educational work and external relations:

Chief administrator: Rybakov Denis Nikolayevich, tel./fax 8 (8332) 64-02-86,

                                                                                  e-mail: uvr_vs@vyatsu.ru. 

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