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Mechatronics and robotics

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Code number and name of the training course


221000.62 – Mechatronics and robotics


Graduate qualification: Bachelor


Form and term of study: day-time – 4 years


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List of profiles


- Drives in robot and mechatronic systems


Mechatronics is an area of science and technology based on systematic integration of the units with fine mechanics, ambient sensors and sensors of the object itself, energy sources, actuating mechanisms, boosters, control computing devices (electronic computers and microprocessors). A mechatronic system is a unified complex of electromechanical, electrohydraulic, electronic elements and computer aids which exchange energy and information with each other constantly and in a dynamically varying manner and which is united with a single system of automated control with elements of artificial intelligence. Robotics is an area of science and technology orientated towards creating robots and robot systems constructed on the basis of mechatronic modules (information-sensor, process execution and control modules). Robots and robot systems are designed to perform working operations in the range from micro- to macro-dimensional ones, including substitution for people in hard, boring and hazardous works.   

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