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Power and resource saving processes in chemical technology, petrol chemistry and biotechnology

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Code number and name of the training area


240100.62 – Power and resource saving processes in chemical technology, petrolchemistry and



Graduate qualification: Bachelor


Form and term of studies:day-time – 4 years


Entrance exams








List of profiles


- Environmental protection and efficient use of natural resources


Application spheres for the graduates’ efforts are developing, designing, adjusting, exploiting and improving nature conservation techniques; organizing and managing nature-conservative work at industrial enterprises and their regional complexes; examining projects, technologies and production processes, certificating products to achieve maximum environmental safety, to decrease the risk of anthropogenic impact on the environment.

            The objects of graduates’ professional activity will be environment impact sources, waste waters, exhaust gases; solid, liquid and gas wastes; charge and emission regulating systems; placing plants for waste processing, which includes methods of monitoring and controlling negative impact on the environment.

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