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The Centre for International Relations is responsible for international exchange programs, grants and internships.  Our students and teachers annually participate in various international exchanges, grants, internships, scholarships, competitions and contests (USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, Israel).


Intercultural exchange programs for students


Work and Travel USA– your best student summer!


            Every year thousands of young, independent and energetic Russian students gain work experience abroad, becoming participants in  W&T.


Why is it worth to participate in WORK AND TRAVEL USA?


Just because you have an exciting opportunity to:


         • to achieve full immersion  in the language environment, to learn American multinational

           culture, to speak English everywhere  (excluding Brighton Beach:) and to live in

           America as  if you were a native American;

         • to  make friends with lots of new people;

         • to leave aside your current problems as well as university studies and examinations and  

           cheerfully set your mind on a new challenge.

         • to have a great free time, (which also depends on your imagination!)

         • to travel! (not to use this option will make you feel extremely bad about it:));

         • well, of course, to make money!!! (free advice: the so-called ‘salary’ is limited only by

            your smartness and  your workaholism:)




- the easiest way to spend summer vacation in the U.S.


If you've ever heard stories from friends about their work in a camp, it does not mean that your camp will be the same. Camp America cooperates with various types of summer camps. Among them you can find separate camps for boys and girls as well as the mixed ones.  Some camps accommodate about one hundred children,  others can take about four hundred. Camp America does not own any of these, so there’s a great variety of camps.


Why  Camp America?

Summer camps provide an exciting atmosphere for everybody living and working in them, and grant a fantastic opportunity to become a part of an active society for a nine-week period.


• Wide range of jobs


You'll be able to work directly with children (teaching them different sports or arts) or to be engaged in service and management activities. There are lots of alternatives  that Camp America can offer. The choice is yours!


• Improve your CV


Camp America offers a chance to develop the skills that are favored by employers - self-confidence, teamwork experience, independence, maturity and flexibility, and that’s even confirmed by a certificate!




Hotel and restaurant business


            The purpose of the program is to familiarize students with hotel and restaurant business in Italy.


            Program participants are trained in the outskirts of Taranto and have a wonderful opportunity to get  acquainted with the culture of this country, to learn Italian, which is very easy to pronounce for the Russians, and to gain professional experience in  travel business (you become a certified specialist), and of course to meet new people!


Internship USA – Professional work probation in the USA


            Every year the Internship USA programme gives more than 5000 interns from more than 25 countries all over the world an opportunity to work on probation in an american company. The J-1 visa status allows the participants of the program on equal terms with american students and graduates to gain professional experience in the profession already got or being got.   


Internship USA is:


  • an opportunity to get professional skills in the speciality chosen by you in the very process of work as an intern in one of the american companies of small, medium or even large business,
  • the English language practice,
  • new friends all over the world and useful contacts, including professional ones which could facilitate your personal and professional development;


We have also many other programs. Contact us!


Contacts:Administration of academic and educational work and external relations:

Yurlova Olga Alekseyevna, mob.tel. 8905 872 2404, e-mail: x2pro@mail.ru



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