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Fulfilling in our University one of the high priority tasks of the Government Youth Policy, we are prepared to open the University Young Volunteer Center, the activity of which will, no doubt, be popular among young people of our region.


            Volunteering is voluntary, absolutely non-commercial participation in socially important projects. What is necessary to become an international volunteer? How to find an international volunteer project? We will help you with this.


            Voluntary choice as reflection of your personal position is the main principle of volunteering. It is obvious that a person can only realize him/herself in any kind of activity if he/she works without pressure, in accordance with the wish. The main feature of volunteering is that doing some real work volunteer agrees consciuosly to completely absent money reward or to significantly reduced payment for the work though having a real opportunity to get for this work higher salary. One more important principle of volunteering is that the work the volunteers are doing is socially significant.     


What will you get?

            First, deep immersion in interlingua environment, without tour-guides you will get independence, will try to look for solutions of problems with difficult foreign language communication. In the result – overcoming the language and psycological barriers, shyness and other inferiority complexes unnecessary in learning a foreign language. You will get a unique opportunity of communication not only in English, but in the languages of all participants in the project (a good chance to practise, for example, exotic languages). Speaking with the natives is irreplaceable experience allowing you, by the way, to get a good stock of new vocabulary (from special professional to non-normative). You are guaranteed communication in English round the clock: at work, at rest, when taking meals, in games and entertainments, in learning events, on excursions – kaleidoscope of real life situations constantly improving your language. One detail of no small importance: do not be afraid of your language, do not be shy of your ignorance – in a volunteer camp you will hear all possible accents of English, all possible slips of the tongue and distortions, but it is there where you by the method of trials and mistakes, step by step will learn how not only to speak, but also to think in a foreign language.


Other peculiarities and advantages of volunteering:

  • look at another country and other people from inside;
  • joining in the local culture without tour-guides;
  • participation in projects important for the society;
  • mastering new kinds of activity (without special education), creative, for example;
  • impressions and memory – emotional charge for all next year;
  • acquaintances which could develop in long lasting friendship;
  • an opportunity to show foreigners peculiarities of your own country and culture;



Administration of academic and educational work and external relations:

Chief administrator: Rybakov Denis Nikolayevich, Urlova Olga Alekseevna:

tel. +7 (8332) 64 19 62,

Fax +7 (8332)64 79 13,     e-mail: uvr_vs@vyatsu.ru. 

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