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The University Foundation (Pre-University) Program's aim is to train international students for further education in Russian universities. The university foundation program puts particular emphasis on developing international and cross-cultural competencies through Russian language acquisition.

It is a full-time course for preparing students to enter VSU as well as other Russian universities.  At the end of the Program international students will get a relevant certificate. The Program assists students in all aspects of living and studying in Russia.

The University foundation basic courses combine Russian language instructing with extensive training in study skills necessary for university level in Russia. The curriculum includes practice in lecture comprehension, note-taking, test-study procedure, essay and technical writing, text analysis, and library research skills. There are 4 profiles of study: Humanities, Engineering, Natural Science and Economics. There are October through November intakes into the program which enables students to qualify for university courses commencing the following year.


Program Duration of training Program Duration Academic hours

Tuition fee

1 Russian Language Program 1 year (October- June)

1 Semester (01.10 -31.12)
2 Semester (12.01 - 30.06)

1080 hours
612 – Russain Language
468  hours-profile training

78000 RUB
(1200 USD)

2 Russian Language Program 1,5 years- in case of late entering – (February- June)

1 Semester (01.03 -10.07)
2 Semester (10.09 - 30.12)
3 Semester

1380 hours
912 – Russain Language
468  hours-profile training

99000 RUB
(1500 USD)

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